Color sorters (sometimes called optical sorters or digital sorters or electronic color sorters) are machines that are used on the production lines in bulk food processing and other industries. According to “color sorting +shape selecting “using a high-resolution CCD optical sensor to separate different materials ,free setting of multiple modes, selection of thousands of materials.

Now Color sorters are most used in agricultural products .Rice is the first big market , many years of work experience already get a mature market application .Second is the coarse cereals, such as wheat, corn, peanut, different kinds of seeds, beans ,sesame, etc.
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corn color sorter
color sorter for industrial goods
Color sorters’ widely application not only save labor but also can make sure the food safety, bring huge economic benefits .With years of developing , become more and more popular and used in different fields , like plastic , diamond industry etc.
Color Sorters can be chute-type or belt-type. Chute-type according to different slide ways are selected for different color sorting materials, to ensure that material slide down more uniformly and the carryover is reduced. Belt-type machines break a smaller percentage of material (important for nuts) and the product stays relatively static during the transport process as it moves horizontally on the belt.

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