There are main companies of drill bits like the Irwin and the Milwaukee Drill Bits. These brands guarantee good quality products . The Irwin Industrial Tool Company offers wide varieties of drill-bits including, metal twist, the carbide hole cutters, the wood boring, the hammer and the unibit step Steel Large Cone Titanium Drill.The unibit step drill bits has single-flute cutting edge. This single-flute cutting edge provides better control through steps. There are also those called unibit cobalt step drill-bits that are made of high speed steels. This is why the unibit cobalt step bits can stand longer against hard materials.

The hammer drill-bits have exceptional and original flute designs and shapes of tip. These features allow for faster hammer drilling.The wood boring bit types are apt for different High Speed Steel Hex Shank Drill Bits Set needs. It is good for creating coarse holes, exact and clean holes as well as for forming varied size of holes and for faster drilling. The carbide hole cutters have one hundred thirty five degree split point to make a good starting point. It is trouble-free and easy to use. Irwin offers a complete range of metal twist drill-bits encompassing black oxide, turbo points, titanium nitride and cobalt metal.

The twist drill bits could drill wide selection of materials, like steel forgings, steel, and cast iron. These bits attribute precise arrangement of flutes.Flutes are accurately arranged, useful in clean cutting to obtain high quality outcomes.The selfeed bits are reliable in making large holes on the wood. It has an inside cutting plane. The function of this inside cutting plane is to make smooth clean holes without difficulty. These bits also have removable feed screw which is replaceable if needed to. It makes it easy to draw the bit easily into the gummiest of wood .These type of drill-bits are coated with rust inhibitor that protects them from rusting . The stubby flat boring Drill Bits Set for Steel Wood Concrete provide wood boring solution in tight spaces like in crawl spaces or in between studs. The flat boring type have double wing spurs. These spurs provide the trouble-free hole construction as well as decrease vibration that prevents break out of the wood.The auger wood drill bits offer fast and inexpensive way of creating holes of up to four inches deep. In addition to the auger bits type, the Milwaukee also has the ship auger wood drill bits. These types have through center cutting design for drilling in nail-embedded wood.